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Tuesday 31 May 2016

Caitlin Stasey: Nude Photo

Caitlin Stasey posted a photo of her vagina region with ALL her pubic hair intact.

This should not be a shock for several reasons. 

One, she is renowned for showing some skin.

Two, she should not have to shave / wax her pubes if she doesn't want to. Nor her armpits (see her Insty shots, below).

Yes, yes: we know. To strip your vag bare is SO cool, apparently. To be completely hairless down there is what we ALL should be doing, as women. Spending our time and money being smooth as, taking away what nature put there for a reason, and for what? To please who, exactly? (As you can make out, I am NOT a fan of the Brazilian. Yes. I've had one. No, I won't be doing it again).

Here is Caitlin's Instagram profile page, then her photo with caption:


Baby Lady

 Not here for hookups herself.com

A photo posted by Baby Lady (@caitlinjstasey) on

A sample of comments include:

  • joskiingGood! Social change starts with us and we are responsible for breaking stupid social norms. Women like this help me feel more confident and myself. Cheers!
She is not adverse to showing how she grows her pubes:

A photo posted by Baby Lady (@caitlinjstasey) on

And also, her underarm area is hairy:

A photo posted by Baby Lady (@caitlinjstasey) on

Sooo, what do you make of the postings?

Too much? Just right? Who cares? Would you take a snap like this and show the world?

Personally, as I allude to above, I think pubic hair rocks. It's the way your body is meant to look. Pubic hair serves a purpose. Don't ask me what right now... I just know it does (cleanliness, something or other...).

Why a woman would want to look like a prepubescent eight year old is beyond me. Men find this attractive? For my money, pubic hair is IN and always in and not 'trend' driven, and sexy AF.

Should she be posting her bits on social media? That's her call. I think EVERYTHING is shocking now... so now, nothing is shock-inducing, strangely.


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