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Tuesday 31 May 2016

Philips Airfryer: VIDEO, recipes, how to use

Josie's Juice was sent the Philips Airfryer to trial recently, and it completely fits the bill - a family who likes their fried food, but mamma over here is over the oil, and conscious about healthy family meals. But who doesn't like the taste and texture of fried food.

Chips made healthily - and not using turning on the oven and using lots of electricity? I love it already.

And then, I was immediately intrigued by these findings.

Philips, alongside News Life Media, created a survey that resulted in some interesting findings including:
  • 6 out of 10 people surveyed are most concerned about fat and oil content when they're cooking at home
  • Half of all households found that barriers to cooking at home included - lack of time, lack of inspiration and not wanting to deal with mess
  • People that cook for their families are most likely concerned about other members in the household liking the dish (nice point to highlight how selfless mums are)
  • Men feel happier when they cook at home than women, but they don't feel healthier (this could be due to indulgent cooking at home, rather than healthy cooking at home)
  • In terms of signature dishes / family favourites, 21% of all people surveyed said that chicken fillets were there go to meal
The study was completed by 1160 Australian people.

Follow the social media hashtags here to see how others have reacted to it: #PhilipsAirFryer and #HealthyTastyConvenient.

Stats aside, I LOVE this machine! Here is a photo of it (yes, you can create juicy as chicken drumsticks and SO much more than you imagined, beyond the perfectly air fried chips...):

And here is the actual machine:

This video explains it best:

To read more about the product, go HERE.

Want more recipe ideas?

As the video shows, you can do yum cha, roast chicken, but my fave discovery is how yummy and easy puff pastry ANYTHING is! So, puff pastry frankfurts, Nutella pastry parcels, apple strudel style puff pastry triangles, spinach and ricotta pastries, and more.

HERE are some air fryer recipes - SO much inspo, you guys!

Here are some pics to whet your appetite:

Yes, even a rack of lamb!

There is even an app for the Philips Airfryer, where there are recipes, tips and tricks, and more.

Yep. Go here for more on that. And here is a run down:

Or you can download the Apple version right here.

Or go to Google Play to download it right here.

The one that Josie's Juice trialed is right here, the Viva Collection airfryer (RRP: $299).

On a final note, would I recommend any of the Philips Airfryers (the original makers of this concept)? Yes, I would! It will change the way you cook, and the time and method and energy you use to cook it.

See the whole range HERE.

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