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Sunday 22 May 2016

'The Real Housewives of Sydney': Tali Jatali PHOTOS + News

Note to 'The Real Housewives of Sydney' casting folks, who are busy casting Sydney housewives for the upcoming shows: you pretty much havvvve to cast Sydney woman Tali Jatali (she is FAR from the typical 'housewife', but then none of the women on the Real Housewives franchise are).

Here is what Josie's Juice know so far...

Nobody is confirmed yet for the show, despite what you are reading.

There will be six women on the Sydney show.

Sources tell us the casting people for the RHOS (oh my gosh, you guys... first, RHOMelbourne, now RHOSydney) show have been speaking to the women for months, they've certainly been speaking to Tali since last year... but they've also been speaking to a lot of women.

More about Tali Jatali, who is guaranteed to be THE face to watch and listen to if she is cast:

She is mother to her 13 year old daughter, Zsa Zsa.

She is Jewish, and was born in Israel, to Romanian parents.

She does so much more than design bikinis for her successful clothing label (which has a shopfront in Gould Street, Bondi) although she is very good at it.

She is a keen and successful property investor.

Her family migrated to Australia when she was 16, and she was scouted to become a model, but her passion lies in family, fashion, and focusing on her property portfolio.

Her husband Alfie is a successful animator. And is SERIOUS eye candy...

Here are some photos, exclusive to Josie's Juice.

And Tali's new Italian leather jackets, from her Jatali label:

Check back in here for more news on Tali, and for more posts on 'The Real Housewives of Sydney'.

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