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Sunday 10 July 2016

Alfie Arcuri: Gay and Singing Proud - 'The Voice' Australia Winner 2016

In an article in 'The Daily Telegraph' by Amy Harris just published online overnight, he says:

Writes Amy Harris:

Sydney’s Alfie Arcuri and Gold Coast chanteuse Tash Lockhart are the clear frontrunners with Arcuri most likely to take the crown following his emotional journey, which saw him come out.
Arcuri credits his performance on the show to the fact he finally came to terms with his sexuality.
“I honestly don’t think I could even sing before I came out,” he says. “Because I never had any faith in myself. And I didn’t really have a voice.”
Read the original article here.

Josie's Juice can also reveal from a source that he came out about three years ago.

We saw MORE POWER to you, Alfie!

Handsome, hugely talented... the complete package.

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