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Thursday 28 July 2016

Sally Obermeder: Surrogacy Pregnancy - Baby Two! 'Sunday Night' story: VIDEO


The full story right HERE.

And some beautiful screen grabs from tonight's story on 'Sunday Night':

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The most wonderful news from Sally Obermeder tonight!

She has just posted THIS on social media:

Yes, it's true. Thrilled to bits to share that @marcusobermeder and I are adding to our family thanks to the most incredible surrogate. We have shared our story of ups and downs with the amazing team from Sunday Night. It airs this Sunday at 7pm. 


Their adorable little daughter Annabelle Grace holds the sign that brings even more joy to the little family:

Here is the 'Sunday Night' sneak peek - tears already!

As the reports says, Sally has been forced to leave Australia to grow her family - surrogacy is illegal in Australia.

She says in the clip: "I still feel strange that I'm not carrying this child..."

We see moment Sal meets the woman carrying her child. WOW!

Here is more on Sally's baby journey, cancer battle, and life story...

Shedding light on her surrogacy journey - read more HERE.

The 'Today Tonight' report on her cancer battle - read more HERE.

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