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Sunday 10 July 2016

Bec Judd: Twin Pregnancy PHOTOS

The gorgeous Bec Judd is pregnant with twins - she has two children, so these two babies will bring the family to a family of six. All under the age of five.

Here is a screenshot (via Daily Mail) of her news on Nine's Today show a few months ago:

She has just posted these photos of her preg belly - back and front view.

She has announced she will be having... identical twin boys! The 33-year-old, who is also a trained speech pathologist - is looking gorgeous.

"We can't quite believe it," she told Melbourne's Herald Sun.

"We were weighing up whether to go for a third. We thought we would give it a try, and the first go we ended up having twins, which was so unexpected."

The twins are due in October. No doubt childcare will be easier now that Chris has retired from the AFL.

Bec confirmed her first scan didn't detect the second baby. It wasn't until her 12-week check-up last week that the couple were told to expect a multiple birth.

"I could see one baby, and then I could see a blob. And my words to my obstetrician were, 'What's that blob?' she says in the article

"There was a little bit of silence, and then he said, 'That's another kid.' I screamed. I got the shakes and I almost fainted."

The slim framed beauty is a Channel 9 'Postcards' host and weather presenter. She's also the co-founder Beauty EDU, and a brand ambassador for Melbourne City Landrover, R. Corp, Paul Bram, Adairs - see her site here: www.rebeccajuddloves.com

A photo posted by Rebecca Judd (@becjudd) on

Here she is with her adorbs daughter:

Her daughter and husband Cris Judd:

A photo posted by Rebecca Judd (@becjudd) on

With fellow mamma Nadia Bartel:

A photo posted by Rebecca Judd (@becjudd) on

Bec's tummy in a photo taken four weeks ago. That caption: as a fellow twin mamma, YEP:

Her son and daughter:

A photo posted by Rebecca Judd (@becjudd) on

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