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Sunday 17 July 2016

Bruna Papandrea: 'Sunday Night' VIDEO

I LOVE this story - a report which screened tonight on Channel 7's flagship program 'Sunday Night.'

Bruna Papandrea has been on my radar for a LONG time. Josie's Juice ran a story on the movie and book 'Wild' - more on the Bruna connection later - as well as the movie 'Gone Girl'.

Bruna is Aussie, Italo-Australian in fact, and has been making a HUGE impact on Hollywood for several years now. A powerhouse and hugely talented in her own right, and now connecting with Hollywood actress Reece Witherspoon, establishing their production company together in 2012.

Both voracious readers, they bonded over books. In fact, their shared love of reading brought them together.

She said she gave the book 'Wild' to Bruna, and said: "What do you think about coming to produce with me?"

Says Reece - who calls herself an 'honorary Aussie': "She read it called me and said, 'This is amazing, and I really want to make this movie. She's like, I'm not sure if I want to be in a production company with you. But... I want to make this movie."

Asks Jackie: "You actually played hard to get, she would tell you that I was very hard to get..."

Adds Reece: "We kinda did like a dating thing where she wasn't sure for a little while, and then finally she called me and said, 'Okay, I'll try. I'll try and have a production company with you."

And what with 'Wild' and 'Gone Girl'?

Collectively, the movies they produced and brought to screen life (after BOTH books topped the New York Times bestseller list at the SAME time - by then, Bruna and Reece had already secured the rights to produce them), made half a billion dollars at the box office. Yes. Half a billion. Right on the money, ladies. Narrates Jackie in the 'Sunday Night' report:

"They were two strong women making hit movies about two strong women." Indeed.

Watch the whole story HERE.

She says about Aussies: "...That courage, that sense of bravery is really attractive."

The next big project for these two talented, insightful, on the money women? A mini series based on the best selling Aussie novel 'Big Little Lies.'

Bruna's story is a feature article in this month's edition of marie claire Australia magazine.

My fave part of this story? That two people can connect SO much and bond SO well they simply have to work together. What's not to love about that, in any walk of life!

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