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Tuesday 19 July 2016

Waleed Aly: Sonia Kruger, Fear, #sendforgivessnessviral: VIDEO

Did you see the speech from Waleed Aly from 'The Project' just now? He addresses the backlash directed towards Sonia Kruger today, after she made a statement on the 'Today' show, and her subsequent statement this morning.

He also makes some very clear statements about fear.

See that video from Waleed Aly below:

Stop the outrage and #SendForgivenessViral Written by Waleed Aly & Tom Whitty (@twhittyer) #TheProjectTV

This is in response to the statement made by Sonia Kruger today, in response to her position on The Grill, on the 'Today' show.

See those clips HERE.

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