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Saturday 16 July 2016

Playboy's Dani Mathers fat-shames naked woman at gym

I can't recall ever seeing such uniform backlash on a news story, all over social media, such as this one; there has been no division on the matter... every comment I've read is a variation of the same thing. What this woman - Dani Mathers, who won 2015’s Playboy Playmate Of The Year - has done in shaming another on social media has been met with contempt.

When one woman was minding her own business post gym workout, mid change and therefore naked, another decided to take a photo of her with an offensive caption and place it alongside herself looking ill or laughing. Either is pretty darn bad. Even worse: she posted it on Snapchat for all to see.
“If I can’t unsee this then you can’t either,” the 29 year old captioned it.
People were quick to let her know she'd made a HUGE mistake.
Here is the photo (source: Twitter):

This is her apology:
But the comments on all her social media has been SCATHING.
Such as these:
Lori Wentz Lochbaum There is no filter that could make you pretty when you are so ugly inside!!!!!

Gina Leingang You can be as skinny as you want, but you will always be ugly inside. That will never change. I feel sad for you that the only thing you have is your body and nothing else and that you have to put down others to make yourself feel better! What kind of person takes a picture of someone's naked body and posts for the world to see. It's says more about you as a person than it does about that poor woman! Talk about invasion of privacy!

Philip Simonin So not only are you one of the most hideous human beings in the world but you're quite deplorable at best. You fat shamed a woman in a public women's gym bathroom and believe you can't unsee that she is perfectly normal. She has gained weight, yes. She...See more
Mia Oppo Now we can't unknow she's a mean disgusting little person. So ugly. So ugly.

Sarah Chaara It's good you have a big mouth because you'll be needing it for more than body shaming a beautiful woman and then making up lies. You're everything that is wrong with this world all rolled up nip-n-tucked. People already think girls like you are probably void of substance and just cruel and self absorbed- you just proved them all right. You need to be charged and go to jail. That woman needs to sue you for everything you have. That gym and all gyms should never allow you in and ban you for preying on a fellow patron. Playboy needs to revoke your title. And all businesses and contracts you have should be bill and void or people should boycott them until the remove you. The only thing you're going to be left with is knees pads and floss. #Prison4DaniMathers
Dani's Facebook page is here, and each and every pic has these kind of comments.

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