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Wednesday 13 February 2013

Matthew Newton - 60 Minutes Australia: interview with Liz Hayes


Here is the entire 60 Minutes Australia interview with Matthew Newton:

And here is the must-see Liz Hayes '60 Minutes reporter discussion', where she reveals how he was asked to do the interview, and how she feared he might pull out at the last minute.


No doubt this interview with Matthew Newton will be the talk of social media this Sunday night.

In this new interview with Liz Hayes, Matthew reveals it is "the first time I have spoken not on some medication". Watch the preview:

Here and here is a backgrounder on Matthew Newton.

What do you think? Will you tune in on Sunday night?

And in news just in, The Sunday Telegraph is reporting that the Newton family knew nothing of the new Matthew Newton interview until they say the 60 Minutes promos this week.

Read more here.

Watch this extended clip from the site:

Photo: Facebook

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