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Monday 4 February 2013

Roxy Jacenko 'Celebrity Apprentice Australia' 2013: interview

I am happy to admit I love a fun reality TV show and 'Celebrity Apprentice Australia' fits the bill: local talent, tricky challenges... perhaps a spot of under-pressure, slightly mad behaviour? Sure, I am in.

I like this year's line-up - quite a mix.

One contender for 2013 is Sydney PR Roxy Jacenko. [For a full list of who is taking part, click here]. I have known Roxy for more than 13 years, when I was at Cream magazine and she was at Diesel. She's built her business from the ground up and has a reputation for being tough. But by gosh, she's exceptional at what she does. She's also penned a book. Read more about that here.

Here, she sat down and answered some questions just for Josie's Juice about 'Celebrity Apprentice Australia': 

How were you approached about being part of the Celebrity Apprentice?
It’s a show I have loved since it started three seasons ago, for the fact it's all about raising money for charity, but also as it's all about being outside your comfort zone and having to work through it and as a team!

What was the catalyst for you to say yes?
The challenge – it was hard to say no! Also the fact that I could leverage contacts to be able to raise money was the main reason I committed to the project!

Which of your skills [negotiating, securing big names, etc] do you think will be most useful in the 'challenges'?
My 'black book' is definitely a benefit, as well as my understanding of the day to day running of my business, from front right through to 'back end'. These two factors combined are set to be a great asset to the team and the challenges – not to mention the fact I love to work and work hard!

What do you hope to achieve with being a part of the show?
To raise much needed funds for charity and the chance to meet and work with some of Australia’s finest.

You’re being promoted on the TV ads as this year’s Deni Hines. What do you make of that comparison?

I don’t really know why – I sung and I danced, and I am lousy at both!

Do you think there is room on one TV show for TWO passionate PRs? Is the tension we see in the ads between you and Prue the real deal?

Of course there is room, we are there to use our individual strengths & collaborate as a team to deliver on the challenges with the aim of raising money for charity.

There’s tension of course, but at the end of the day which business doesn’t have challenges daily, and confrontation – that’s what make people successful: striving for the best. And not settling for anything but the best. Prue and I squabble but that’s life! We had the best intentions at heart while doing so, and that was the charities we are fighting for!

Which is the charity you’re supporting and why did you choose it?
Sydney Children’s Hospital is my chosen charity. A work colleague recently lost her son and I want to do whatever I can to help the hospital raise the much needed funds to ensure we have the best of the best equipment and facilities for sick babies and kids.

Will you tune in and watch the show when it airs on Channel Nine in a few months? Filming has already started [the photo above is from the very first challenge].

For more on screen date and trailer, go here.

Updated: 'Celebrity Apprentice Australia' 2013 starts on Tuesday April 30, on Channel Nine.

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