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Wednesday 13 February 2013

Nicko's Kitchen: lobster with lime butter - Valentine's Day recipe

Last year, one of the Valentine's Day gifts my husband bought me was... a whole lobster!

I loved it! I thought it was such a clever gift - one step up from chocolate, and something I devoured for two days. He doesn't eat seafood (I know!) so I got to relish the whole crustacean myself. And yes... I gave him a lovely gift in return.

This year, I kinda hope he gifts me the same thing... so I can make this fabulous recipe below: 
lobster with chive and lime butter sauce, served with cucumber, avocado and rocket salad.

It comes from Australian YouTube sensation 'Nicko's Kitchen' - one of the most watched online cooking shows in the world. Nicko's Kitchen has daily shows appearing on YouTube and across 20 food blog sites over the world. Here's Nicko:

Watch for the lobster recipe below:

Looks delicious, huh? You can follow more of Nicko's recipes here.

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