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Saturday 23 February 2013

'My Kitchen Rules' - Angela and Melina: 'Real Housewives' in Who magazine

Okay, yes... I am hooked on 'My Kitchen Rules' - the hit reality TV cooking show on Channel 7.

The casting crew behind the show are absolutely worth their weight in gold - they chose some fabulous contestants this time around. They always do.

There is always a cocky pair who fall flat on their face (hello, Jessie and Biswa - dubbed the 'Spice Girls'... am I the only person who found them rather funny, and their only crime was a serious case of 'foot in mouth'?).

Then there are the relatively humble couples who "live and breathe food."

The couples who fail miserably, but become endearing to the viewing audience in the process.

Then there is round two, and a fresh new batch of contestants; you warm to them slowly and then you're right into the show again.

And then, the 'gatecrashers'. This mob are perfectly chosen - and living up to their namesake, they forcefully barge into the party and make their presence felt.

Again, there's always a duo who are abrasive and amp-up the competitive factor.

That couple is Ashlee and Sophia. And of course, producers cleverly put them last on the list of couples getting their turn to cook.

My fave couple from this round is Melina and Angela.

Dubbed the 'real housewives' - their tag inspired by the "Real Housewives" US reality TV franchise - they are glamorous, brash, Italian, loud, and speak their mind.

And - in an article in this week's Who magazine - they say about their rivals Ashlee and Sophia:

"It still baffles me that people like Ashlee and Sophia actually exist," says Angela. "Everyone wants to win, but you don't need to be a total cow about it."

Melina Bagnato - the fair-haired daughter of renowned Melbourne tailor Dom Bagnato, and Angela, the dark-haired contestant who equally packs a punch when it comes to addressing Ashlee and Sophia's approach, feature in a four page spread in Who magazine, looking as glam as you'd expect. And they give good interview quotes:

"I lost my shit. I thought, 'You guys are fricking rude, you're arrogant, you're up yourselves."

Adds Angela: "I was like, 'These chicks can't be for real.' But they're real. It was so awkward."

For MKR fans, this edition of Who magazine is a must. On-sale now.

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