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Wednesday 27 February 2013

MiNDFOOD: Josie Gagliano - 'My Role As a Carer' feature story

As any writer will tell you, when you're asked to write a piece about your life, it's equal parts exciting, liberating, and daunting.

And so, I wrote a piece for the current issue of MiNDFOOD magazine with excited trepidation: after all, this HAS been my life for the past five years.

I don't think I give people the impression that my life is perfect - in fact, for those who know me, far from it. It's flawed and not what I expected. But I am resilient and have learned to keep pushing through adversity.

The reality is the past five years have been filled with emotional highs and lows so deep that I am grateful to be sane, and still be very much capable of having a bloody good laugh.

Oh, and my marriage is still intact and happy [most days, ha!] and my kids are thriving, and I get to still nurture friendships I hold so dear to me.

You can read the entire feature story on my role as a carer in the March 2013 Australian edition of MiNDFOOD magazine, featuring Sally Field on the cover.

And, here is a link to a radio interview I did for MiNDFOOD radio.

Enjoy the whole issue - it is brilliant, engaging, and inspiring, as always. Here is the cover.

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