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Sunday 3 February 2013

Equip Blogger Challenge by 'Josie's Juice'

Accessories and I: we go way back. It's a long-standing love affair because it's easy to cultivate. Buy an inexpensive piece - or an exy one, if you can afford it - and your whole outfit is transformed. Done. Polished. Good to go.

And so, I was delighted to be asked by the PRs behind the Equip accessories brand to take on a challenge - a styling challenge.

Here's what I was asked to do:

Go to an Equip store, pick out pieces I love which total $30 or under, then style it up in-store. So, try some bits and bobs on, take some snaps, buy the pieces if I want to, or leave them there and submit my pic with details of what I chose and how much it cost, which Equip would then share on their Facebook page. The blogger with the most 'likes' wins the look they styled.

They did! Yesterday Equip posted my pic on their Facebook page. Here it is:

And here's what inspired me:

"This look was inspired by how I always style: mixing on-sale with full-price; mixing themes (crucifix/ shapes) for one outfit; and piling on the jewellery).” - it was meant to be 25 words or less, or, you know, I could have go on. And on.

The items I used here were:

Equip crucifix necklace: $9.99
Kardashian Kollection for Equip circle necklace $7 (on-sale)
Equip gold bangles: $7.99
Kardashian Kollection for Equip ring: $5 (on-sale)

Total: $29.98 (just under the $30 budget). Score!

The Equip staff are so fab, one even took this photo for me at my local Equip store.

You can vote for my look by clicking 'like' on this post here.

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