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Wednesday 6 February 2013

Chrissie Swan: Smoking While Pregnant - 'The Project' clip

TV and radio personality Chrissie Swan tearfully admitted on TV's 'The Project' this evening that her "dirty little habit" of smoking while pregnant is something people have a right to be disgusted about.

She added that she has really struggled to give up smoking during her third pregnancy, and probably wouldn't have confessed to it had she not been caught out by a photographer.

Chrissie earlier used her Mix FM Melbourne radio program to confess her smoking while pregnant - which she had kept hidden from her partner, family and friends until being photographed by a paparazzo last week.

"I actually can’t explain it," she told Carrie Bickmore and Charlie Pickering from 'The Project'. "There can be no reason," she added. Chrissie said she was "completely embarrassed" by the story "because being a mother is the single most amazing thing that has ever happened to me".
See an edited clip from 'The Project' below:

What do you think? Did you smoke while pregnant?

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