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Friday 9 May 2014

Ingrid Pullen 'The Voice' Australia: The Real Story - VIDEO

There is often context to what you see on TV (I know you know that… right?) and this is a perfect example.

On 'The Voice' Australia this week Ingrid Pullen was watching her partner Dallas James knock it out of the park on stage. The camera cut to her. This is what went down:

And below, the real story, from the woman herself:

Hello beautiful mothers ~ This is me and my darling son Tashi (22 months here) taken from the TV show The Voice Australia while my amazing manDallas James Music was doing his blind audition on stage! They showed this on National TV  As you can imagine i had to do what all loving mummies do (Tashi was freaked out by the cameras and he was exhausted after being at the studio since 5am). He was having a melt down and i could not even hear Dallas perform. Boob was the loving fix  Plus i was told they would film from the shoulders up. I told them 'i don't care about being on TV, i just want to hear Dallas! But I'm glad they did not… as its given huge exposure and energy to normalising breastfeeding..yay!! The producers of the show are lovely woman, so maybe that was their plan.. maybe! So, its actually gone a little crazy! Doing lots of interviews and things. Im really enjoying giving power to Mothers Rights!! The hype will die down soon. Just want to check in here with you ABA and ask if there is anything you advise me to do or you would like me to do in representing breastfeeding? Thanks 
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