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Thursday 29 May 2014

'One Plus One', ABC News 24: Mia Freedman interviewed by Jane Hutcheon

On this week’s 'One Plus One' on ABC News 24, Jane Hutcheon speaks to digital publisher and journalist Mia Freedman in a program recorded in front of an audience. Here is a photo from the show's recording:

Mia Freedman and Jane Hutcheon. Photo credit: ABC TV

Many know Mia has had a career in glossy magazines, becoming the editor of Cosmopolitan Australia at the age of 24.

When Mia left the magazine world, she had a brief stint as a television executive at Channel Nine  with the talk show 'The Catch Up', before going on to establish her news and entertainment website mamamia.com.au in 2007. She really was a trailblazer at that time.

On ABC News 24, Mia discusses the growth of her readers (between 2 - 4 million users every month) over three websites - mamamia, iVillage, and soon, the about to be launched health and beauty site called The Glow.

“Women are so engaged online as opposed to men, who just lurk," tells Mia. "So they (men) will be on Facebook but they won’t say anything. The only time they will ever share anything is if it’s a funny video or it’s something a bit rude, whereas women are liking and sharing and posting and being supportive and linking to things and signing petitions and getting in there. That’s why they’re such a wonderful engaging audience to work with as a publisher and also as an advertiser.”

In light of the social media storms weathered by Mia, she candidly admits to Jane:

“When you write opinion, you put yourself out there. I’m often told I’m polarising. When you’re a feminist, there will always be people telling you are doing feminism wrong.”

One Plus One airs this Friday at 8.30pm on ABC News 24.

One Plus One repeat times:                                                                       
Saturday 6.30am and 5.30pm ABC News 24
Sunday 9.30pm ABC News 24
Wednesday 11.00am ABC1

You can view the Q and A session after the program airs at: www.abc.net.au/oneplusone.
You can view previous episodes online:

Mia Freedman, as she appears on 'One Plus One', on ABC News 24. Photo credit: ABC TV

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