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Monday 19 May 2014

The real effect of pornography on relationships: 'Psychology Today'

I find this fascinating.

This piece - by Heidi Reeder, Ph.D., an associate professor of communication at Boise State University - in 'Psychology Today' starts:

'You might think viewing pornography can’t hurt a real-life relationship. Some even claim that erotic material impacts their relationships in positive ways. So a team of researchers at Florida State University developed an experiment to determine how consuming pornography affects adults' commitment to romantic relationships.'

The final par kinda nails it:

'We may think it doesn’t matter where we place our attention, or that viewing pornographic materials will spice things up in bed with our existing partner. But what and whom we focus on, and what we choose to ignore, makes a big difference when it comes to maintaining our commitment to an existing relationship. If you value your relationship and want to remain loyal to your partner, be mindful of where you place your attention. Focus on your lover and the realness of that interaction and leave the fake thrills of pornography behind.'

To read the whole article, click here.


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