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Friday 9 May 2014

Harry Potter Dies Age 72: Channel Ten Newsreel VIDEO

If you're an avid news bulletin watcher (and especially if you're child of the 1970s, 1980s) you'll recall the original Harry Potter. Not the one with the round glasses and cape.

No, this guy. Harry Potter, legendary Channel Ten crime reporter who became as much renowned for his swiftly spoke "Harry Potter, Ten News" sign off, as his mass of silver hair, and (in the early days) his cool threads.

Harry Potter died yesterday, age 72, after a decade-long battle with cancer.

When, as a kid, I found out he was married to Channel Ten news anchor Katrina Lee it's like I found out who shot JR… it was strangely fascinating (I'm a newshound from way back, always obsessed with excellent news reporters).

And so, his newsreel. It's the kind of thing news buffs will delight in, with archival footage and examples of Harry's take no prisoners reporting style. A true news ledge. RIP Harry Potter.

He is survived by his wife, Katrina Lee, and his children Tim, Nick, Elisa and Jack. The family released a statement saying: “Harry is the definition of a larger than life character and he will be with us forever”.

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