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Wednesday 16 February 2011

Australians Exposed: Plastic Fantastic on LifeStyle YOU

On Monday 21 February at 9.30pm, LifeStyle YOU presents the world premiere of Australians Exposed: Plastic Fantastic.

Australians Exposed is a series of one-hour social reality documentaries, produced exclusively for LifeStyle YOU.

This month, LifeStyle YOU premieres 'Plastic Fantastic'.

You've probably heard about the overseas holidays which include a bonus side-trip: a visit to the plastic surgeon - often at a vastly discounted rate.

In the words of one of the experts interviewed for the program – “In ten years it’ll be like going to the dentist.”

The compelling doco takes us right into the operating theatre - you've been warned.

On the show, we meet Anastasia, who has remoulded nearly every part of her body and thinks nothing of spending thousands of dollars on the upkeep of her ideal body shape; they also chat with one of Australia’s top plastic surgeons, and travel with a vibrant bunch on their way to Kuala Lumpur for body makeovers.

Unmissable TV.

Australians Exposed: Plastic Fantastic will screen on LifeStyle YOU On Monday 21 February at 9.30pm.

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