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Thursday 17 February 2011

Morphsuit-wearing men unite! It's Mr Morph 2011

Morphsuit-wearing men will compete to be crowned Mr Morph 2011.

What, you ask? Read on.

The contest will be judged solely on talent and answers, not looks (although body shape could come in to play!). Contestants will compete in two categories, talent and questions and answer.

To be held at the Coogee Bay Hotel, Corner Coogee Bay Rd and Arden St, Coogee, where heat 1 will be at 3pm, on Saturday on 26 February, 2011.

The Morphsuit covers the whole body (even the head), you can breathe through them, see through them and even drink through them (I've been told some have even tried to pee in them... of course they have!) and Australians are the biggest buyers of Morphsuits per capita in the world. Clearly, the search for Mr Morph had to begin here.

“We all know how fun it is to dress up, but we’re taking this to a whole new level,” says Morphsuit co-inventor Fraser Smeaton. “Morphsuits are all about having fun and being noticed. So the person crowned Mr Morph has to do just that.”

There are about 100,000 morphs running around the globe (imagine them all in one place... Yikes!), and more than 480,000 Morphsuits fans on Facebook; sharing pics, videos and ideas of what to do in your Morphsuit.

Namely: surfing, sinking a few VBs at the cricket, sky-diving, playing footy, marathons and bungee jumping - just some of the things people have done in a Morphsuit.

Morphsuits are available in sizes M - XXL and in 29 colours and designs. The suits (as well as accessories like wigs, glasses, sweatbands and shoe covers) are available for purchase at http://www.morphsuits.com.au/. Morphsuit prices range from $75 to $85.

For more information go to http://www.morphsuis.com.au/ or www.facebook.com/morphsuits

You have been warned... and for these keen to embrace it all, head to the comp next Saturday!

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