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Thursday 17 February 2011

Matt Iseman: Clean House Fan, Comedian (see him live!)

Matt Iseman, one of the long-standing stars of The Style Network’s Clean House, is coming to Australia for the first time. The show's jack of all trades - who is also a stand-up comedian - will be performing in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

His Australian tour kicks off on March 24, 2011.

Clean House helps families by giving them professional help to overcome clutter and the mess that goes with it. In each episode, hosted by comedian and mother Niecy Nash, Clean House brings its team of experts, removes the offending clutter, sells it at a garage sale, and uses the profits with the first thousand matched by the show's producers, to redo the overwhelmed space.

See: http://www.mystyle.com/mystyle/shows/cleanhouse/index.jsp

And to see Matt show reel and comedy style, see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PaZ3emP6z5c

Here Matt gives Josie's Juice readers a run down on Clean House, his Aussie shows, and... how I am basically screwed to be living with someone with a cleaning style that differs greatly from mine (yep, knew it!)

1. Firstly, congrats on the show! What about the show’s premise attracted you to do it?

It's crazy walking into these homes filled with years and sometimes decades of clutter. Sometimes it's been years since they've allowed anyone inside... I feel like Howard Carter entering King Tut's tomb... awed by what I've seen and shocked at the dust and smells.

2. Now tell me, is there any sign of clutter in your home – be honest!

Ha... not anymore. The show cured me of any packratish tendencies I may have had. Hard to convince a homeowner to give up his high school football helmet when mine is still sitting in my bedroom. In my defence, it doubles as a vase for flowers.

3. How on earth do you keep inspired when you front a cluttered, messy home?

You can't see it, but there are people standing just off screen with guns pointed at us in case we try to turn and flee. But the worse the clutter, the more fun it is. I do love a challenge.

4. You’re still very active on the comedy front – do you find that one gives you relief from the other?

Well, stand up is my first love and it is what brought me to Hollywood. I love being on TV and battling clutter, but there is something unique about the immediacy of being on stage, telling a joke and then hearing the laughter... it is a high unlike any other. Plus, I don't find dirty underwear and dried cat poop on stage. At least, most times I don't.

5. What do you most want viewers to get from the show? Take away tips? Inspiration to just do it?

It's great if the viewers feel inspired to clean after watching our show, but I think a lot of them watch so they feel like their mess isn't all that bad so they feel justified sitting on the couch watching us rather than vacuuming. And I'm cool with that, too.

6. My amateur theory is that a messy person should always marry a clean freak (exhibit A: me! I’m the former – he’s the latter) and the clutter will kinda sort itself out (with some fairly explosive disagreements along the way). What have you seen in your years of disjointed cleaning styles in one home – can it work?

Umm... well... ahhh... good luck? I guess the important thing is to compromise. People rarely know their mate's cleaning habits until it's too late so it can absolutely be a source of tension. If it gets really bad, call a maid and then go out for a romantic dinner.

7. What next for you?

Well, there's much more clutter to battle on the horizon. I'm also gearing up for another season hosting American Ninja Warrior. But right now, I'm focussed on conquering Australia with my jokes and my ability to drink beers and imitate your accent flawlessly. Actually, I think my Aussie accent is quite bad, but after a few beers, I can't tell.

Clean House screens Fridays at 8.30pm on The Style Network, available on Foxtel and Austar.

For Matt's comedy shows, tickets are available at the venues (Melbourne: The Comic's Lounge; Sydney: The Laugh Garage; Brisbane: The Albion) or see http://www.insiderevents.com.au/ or http://www.mattiseman.com/)

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