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Thursday 17 February 2011

Elvis track for Josie’s Juice readers - complimentary!

(Sponsored By Nuffnang)

Spring Valley is giving away a complimentary Elvis track to Josie’s Juice readers!

That’s right, the one and only Mr Presley is, well posthumously, offering up the catchy little ditty “Spring Fever” for complimentary download.

And while it required a 'like' on the Spring Valley Facebook page, now Spring Valley are giving away the Elvis track Spring Fever. In fact, this track is not available in Australia so this is a money can’t buy opportunity. There's a limited number of tracks so pass this onto your friends and get downloading quick. We have in this house and we play it - on repeat.

Just click here http://www.bandit.fm/promo/springvalleyelvis, enter the code special code 319 – SPRINGVALLEY, and follow the prompts."

If you are an Elvis fan (well, hello… who isn’t?!), you could also write about why you like the immortal music icon, what your favourite Elvis song is (too many to mention? Go on, try!), your thoughts on the “Spring Fever” track, or anything at all about the big man and his music.

I seriously adore this song. Since I first heard it on telly some months ago, I have been glued to the screen whenever it’s on. I’ll even press rewind (thanks, Foxtel IQ) to hear it again and again, and am mesmerised by the clever graphics (how perfectly do they time the elephant rising from the greenery as Elvis hits his high note?!). It is top of my list of advertisements I genuinely like and don’t need to leave the room for. My daughter is now hooked on it and we've created a little dance to go with it.

To hear the full track – and Elvis’s dulcet tones - in all its glory, head to the link above, then download - complimentary. Simple.

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