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Sunday 6 February 2011

Lotus and Ming: Chinese New Year food, sorted

I adore Chinese New Year.

The colour, the movement, the madness, the noise. My fave thing is to head to Cabramatta, where all of the above is in abundance. It's sensory overload.

Okay, I will admit. It's all about the food for me. And a pal recently put me onto Asian food brand Lotus and Ming.

Think dumplings, spring rolls and sauces (many of which are guilt free) - with a twist.

The unique blends of Asian fusion flavours was born from founder Karen Laveckys travels to New York in 2001 where she discovered a wide range of Asian food from south-east to Chinese cuisine. She then modified these recipes making them freezer safe - and convenient. From sesame barramundi spring rolls to mini BBQ pork buns, Lotus and Ming is delish for Chinese New Year parties - or anytime (my freezer stock levels would diminish rapidly, I tell you).

Or hey, what about shiitake and leek sping rolls, seafood har gow dumplings or coconut chicken sugar cane skewers?

These delicious morsels are also easy to find: Lotus and Ming is now widely distributed to over 400 clients throughout Australia.

For more, including where to buy these delicacies, see http://www.lotusandming.com.au/

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