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Tuesday 22 February 2011

E! launches Facebook Red Carpet App

A bit celeb-obsessed? You'll love this new Facebook app E! has just launched.
The app takes a photo from your Facebook account and puts your name and image in an Oscars red carpet video (accompanied by Katy Perry’s ‘Firework’ track).
It even takes one of your friend’s photos and involves the two of you in a ‘mock’ scandal!
See the “My Red Carpet” Facebook App:

Red Carpet fever will culminate with the 2011 Academy Awards, and the E! channel will present the "Countdown to the Red Carpet: The 2011 Academy Awards" on Monday, Feb 28th at 6am AEDST.

Then, E! will broadcast "Live from the Red Carpet: The 2011 Academy Awards" – Monday, Feb 28th at 10am AEDST (the actual Oscars ceremony will be broadcast live on Starpics 1 from 12.30pm, repeated on Starpics 2 from 2.30pm, then later in the evening on free-to-air, on Channel Nine - Anne Hathaway and James Franco will be co-hosting the event).

The "E! After Party: The 2011 Academy Awards" will screen on Monday, Feb 28th at 4pm AEDST, with "Fashion Police: The 2011 Academy Awards – Wednesday, Mar 2nd at 11:10am AEDST.

More on the "My Red Carpet" Facebook app:
By playing the app from within your Facebook page, you will be able to see yourself getting ready for your 'big moment0'. Users will see stylists fussing around them, choosing their shoes and offering them the right accessories. The app then reveals the user getting out of the limousine on to the red carpet that features top celebrities, all from their POV. Within the video there are five points where either the user, or one of their friend’s, images are used, along with a variety of accompanying headlines.

Once you have downloaded the app, you can share it with friends, who in turn will have their own chance to indulge in the red carpet experience.

Nick Price, Head of Content, MPG said of the app “It’s been great to work on something as creatively challenging as this – by creating an engaging campaign using content and social media to deliver something genuinely different, we are able to better and more convincingly speak to the young female audience with whom E! Entertainment has a strong relationship.”

Sounds like fun! Not as much fun as critiquing the red carpet looks I am dying to see next week, but right up there...

(E! is available on FOXTEL, OPTUS and AUSTAR on Channel 121)

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