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Thursday 10 February 2011

Park Street: ACP reality show. Australian women's magazines under the microscope

On Wednesday February 23, Foxtel's Arena channel premieres Park Street.

The Australian television premiere series will be screening for 10 weeks, every Wednesday at 9.30pm.

Described as "an intimate and explorative fly-on-the-wall documentary series that closely observes the characters and processes that shape the command centre of the Australian women’s publishing industry…at 54 Park St, Sydney", the show details the results of the four-person crew who have been following the every move of the staff of five of the top selling magazines from the ACP publishing stable:

- Elizabeth Renkert and her team at Madison magazine

- Tiffany Dunk and her team at Dolly

- Jessica Parry and her crew at Cosmopolitan

- Gemma Crisp and the girls at Cleo

- and Justine Cullen and the team at Shop Til You Drop

Now, if you're a regular reader of Josie's Juice, it is pretty clear I love, breathe, adore magazines and all that's entailed in creating them - many of my pals do, too.

After well over a decade helping produce magazines I find myself these days at Pacific Publications (ACP's publishing 'competitor') - for someone who loves the industry, it's heaven.

I will of course be tuning in, IQing it, and critiquing the onscreen critique.

Indeed, it's a perfect opp for those who "really, really want to work in magazines" to see what's involved in producing those glossies. As you will see, it's definitely not all glamour and free stuff...

Park Street starts Wednesday February 23 on Arena, at 9.30pm.

(Photo credit - group and editor shots - Yanni Aspradakis).

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