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Tuesday 28 February 2012

Jimmy Kimmel pitches show ideas to Oprah

A friend of mine posted this last night with the disclaimer that he may have pee-ed himself a little.

After watching it, I told him I had to change my Poise pad.

That's how funny this is...

It's Oprah as you have not seen her before... we know she is funny and loud, and has coined some pretty hilarious phrases ("ma vajayjay is painin'") but this shows her in a whole new light, as she listens to US late night host Jimmy Kimmel and his new show pitch ideas for her new OWN network (you can watch parts one and two - but part three, below, is the best clip... also features a Jennifer Aniston cameo):


and part two:

And this is the best part - Jimmy pitches show ideas to Oprah for her OWN TV network (all of it is good; the last two minutes... priceless):

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