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Thursday 16 February 2012

How Do I Look - Australian episode and Jeannie Mai Q & A

When the Style channel's fashion expert Jeannie Mai visited Sydney last year she swept into town with such enthusiasm, it was positively infectious.

The purpose of her visit was to give a complete style makeover to a stylistically challenged Australian woman, and tonight, we get to see the results of that in the Australian premiere episode, to screen Thursday, February 16th at 7.30pm AEDT, only on Style.

Jeannie scoured the country tracking down said style-challenged lady - they chose Bridget, a Bronte-based mother-of-two, obsessed with the 80s (and not in an ironic, fancy dress kinda way) - who was in desperate need of a fashion overhaul by Jeannie and her team of experts (they even managed to convince her that it’s time to say farewell to the unflattering fluorescents and tasteless tights - impressive feat.

The episode was filmed at the Overseas Passenger Terminal, with the beautiful Sydney Harbour Bridge landmark in the background, while the team sort through this fashion victim’s offending wardrobe and each member selects one item of clothing which is then disposed of through the 'Ewww Tube' – a device that sucks clothes up through the ceiling and into oblivion. Oh yes.

Jeannie then tutors Bridget on the fundamentals of personal style and dressing for your body type. After they hit Sydney shops and a variety of ensembles are pulled together, Bridget is treated to a brand new hair style and beauty makeover (that's always my fave paer of any makeover show).

My next fave part is the 'big reveal', and for Bridget, the dramatic reveal happens in front of Sydney Opera House, showcasing her new look in front of friends and family.

Jeannie Mai has worked with such high profile stars as Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys, and Rosario Dawson.

For her challenging assignment down under, Jeannie called upon one of Australia’s most influential stylists, Kelly Smythe. She knows her stuff, having styled up Jennifer Hawkins, Miranda Kerr, Megan Gale, Delta Goodrem and international talent Kelly Rowland, Rihanna and Eva Longoria.

Jeannie sat down for a Q & A with Josie's Juice:

Did you find that ‘style emergencies’ were more urgent here in Australia?

Jeannie: What I saw during my incredible stay in Australia, were really debutante, dressed to the nines’ Aussies. I did hear from locals, that if I ventured past the tourist area that I would be reminded of why I was there in the first place; for the worst of the worst dressed!

How willing are Australians to adopt fashion advice?

Jeannie: I can honestly say that it was Australians who asked me the key important words the most, “How Do I Look?”. Every Aussie, whether they were dressed casually or couture wanted to know what I thought. It was a constant reminder of how humble and gracious the country really is! The best part is how they don't take themselves too seriously. In my experience, Americans tend to take criticism on how they dress more personally.

How does Australian style differ from American style?

Jeannie: Australian style is much more loose, casual and comfortable. In America, style ranges depending on the region. In Los Angeles, you get specific styles of style; punk, boho, classic, grunge, In New York, you have bo-haut, couture, ‘Gossip Girl’ chic.

What did you love most about Australia in general, style or otherwise?

Jeannie: I loved all the Aussie’s personalities and their hospitality. Every person in Australia is like the weather; very sunny, warm and welcoming. Style definitely comes second, which reflected this personality.

What do you hope viewers get most from the Australian How Do I Look? episodes?

Jeannie: As an American, I hope they can see from Australia that style is supposed to be reflective of who you are. So often in America, I find women taking criticism of style so personally, when in Australia, they immediately saw and understood my critiques. In our episode, Bridget is a perfect example of someone who understood what I was saying and adapted the philosophy that style should reflect your personality.

Don’t miss the Australian production premiere of How Do I Look? February 16 2012 at 7.30pm, only on Style, available on FOXTEL and AUSTAR on channel 122.

Here's whats next for Jeannie:


  1. Hi
    Do you know the name of the Hairstylist
    from the HOW DO I LOOK- Australian Episode?
    Also the names of the clothing designs Bridget tried on?



  2. Hello there Ronni, I can find this out for you! Be right back... x

  3. Hey there, I really liked the dress Jeannie has on during the big reveal! The black, backless dress with a flowy bottom. Would you be so kind to tell me who designed it and what's it called?
    Thank you.