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Tuesday 14 February 2012

Valentine's Day - what it means to me. What does it mean to you?

Valentine's Day.

The very words used to send me into a spin.

And not the 'swooning' kind of dizziness.

No, when I was single and hopeless in all matters pertaining to love (read: choosing the wrong men) it was a day I detested. It only served to remind me that I was not happily ensconced in a couple, not loved up, not being showered with gifts as a token of my partner's appreciation.

One year, I hated Valentine's Day so much - some idiot I'd gone out with decided he was choosing between me and another girl... and he chose the other girl - I wanted to run and hide.

My best friend Vena knew this, and that day she did one of the most romantic friend-love things ever... she ordered a chocolate arrangement, and sent it in a taxi straight to my workplace.

I was in shock, totally blown away. This was the grandest of gestures, and it came from someone who loved me and knew me inside out.

It sounds cliched but I knew then that love was everywhere... it just manifested in different ways.

Two weeks later... I met the love of my life. Now my husband.

I must admit - and my workmates will attest - he'd send grand balloon arrangements to my work and flowers and all sorts of loved up madness. I'd get a tad embarrassed but I knew it was something I'd hoped for when I was single... and the gifts probably wouldn't last long.

I was right, but it didn't matter. These days we exchange a card, maybe some chocolates, maybe just a kiss and a hug. Last year we - my husband and three year old twins and I - went to dinner together. Pointless, really... not enjoyable to wolf down food while kids are yelling.

So this year... very low key, probably nothing at all.

But after a trying year I am grateful we are together and still kicking along.

And that to me is the biggest gift of all.

BUT: Valentine's Day also gives you the right to be downright pissed with how love has turned out for you (for now).

If so, let this clip inspire you:

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