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Monday 20 February 2012

Katies Autumn 2012 + one green jacket

Katies - the women's clothing store that has been around for eons, since 1956 in fact - has undergone a major makeover in recent years, and I must admit that now, as 40 year old, I am loving their range more than ever.

There really is nothing nana-ish about any of it.

Go into a Katies store - and there are now 145 of them Australia-wide - and you will see lots of unfussy, smart staple pieces. I bought stunning coral maxi dress last year and a simple black, flowy maxi skirt I wear to death.

You will see by the fashion on the racks that now the brand - originally catering to mature aged women - focuses on giving budget-conscious, fashionable looks to women ages 25 and up.

When I was last at my local Katies stores, I spied several pieces that flatter a variety of figures, including white jeans (yep) from their 'New Fit' range (hides tummies and thighs... I won't pretend I don't need that at this stage).

The Katies Autumn 2012 collection is a beauty.

The range includes exotic print dresses, stripe midi-tube skirts, crisp white blouses, silk classic shirts, oversized knits... and a certain jacket I am ob-sessed with.

It's emerald green, it's completely on-trend, and I knew I had to have it when I scoured some local fashion sites for a green jacket I need for a wedding, and came across this version from Katies.

Check out the photo montage for this truly excellent green jacket (which drapes SO incredibly beautifully) above from the Katies site, and see how this piece - and more Katies autumn pieces - are styled up in this video:

For more, and to shop online, go here: www.katies.com.au

General stockist and enquiries: 1800 151 110

Oh, and that green jacket? Buy it instore, or online here: http://www.katies.com.au/COLOUR-POP-JACKET.aspx?p25611

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