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Wednesday 29 February 2012

Yumi Stynes - Ben Roberts-Smith comment on The Circle

You've probably seen and heard news sites talking about what The Circle co-host Yumi Stynes (and guest host George Negus) said about Victoria Cross recipient Ben Roberts-Smith.

Watch the clip here:

And here was Yumi's tearful apology on the today:

Plus her own announcement:

It has just been announced that both Yumi and George will appear on The Project tonight, from 6pm.

UPDATED: Ben has just released a statement indicating both Yumi and George have contacted him directly to "apologise for any offence caused", and he is quoted as saying "I have now put this matter behind me so I can focus on serving my country."


  1. Yumi is now tarnished a will never gain my respect for you view.It was not even a decent apology.

  2. Burn in hell Yumi!

    1. A bit extreme...

    2. Burn in hell Yumi? Oh Please. Too far. How about you go eat a dick.

      Yumi made a mistake. Ever done that? I too was very upset by what played out on The Circle yesterday, dismayed and in shock. But as for wishing someone to "burn in hell"? You're more vile. You're the disgrace.

  3. Pathetic attempt at comedy at the expense of VC recipient. What happened to basic respect. Men and woman put their lives on the line so that you can live in a free society that enables you to sit on couch and voice your opinion to the nation and you choose to use this right to undermine the integrity of a person who 'chooses' to defend this. Like the TAC ad, you need to take a damn good look at yourself!

  4. She has apologised directly too him, and he has accepted it. If he can put it behind him, so should everyone else. Its ok to be critical of Yumi, but the downright racist and disgusting comments I am readin everywhere only prove the mob mentality of most, makes them even worse than her.

  5. I hope her wedding day is a complete disaster and that her fiancee cheats on her before the big day.

  6. Everyone, please calm down. Personal attacks on Yumi are not cool. She has completely conceded what she (and George) said was out of line. And she has apologised. That doesn't mean any of this makes her fair game for wishing such ill on her. Please, let's keep things more civil on the site. Thank you for commenting.

  7. Sorry, but I have to agree with a couple of the 'less-spiteful' comments. The guy's a WAR HERO!!! We do not DARE say one single negative word against him, or any of our other servicemen / women.

  8. Offbeat humour with a mean streak9 March 2012 at 11:25

    Yumi told a really weird story about her sleepwalking daughter on Thursday's Circle. The child had come into Yumi's room with her pants around her knees. Yumi could hardly tell the story she was giggling so much. The other 'hosts' roared with laughter everytime Yumi mentioned the word "wee". They all thought the story was a hoot.

    I think Yumi should publicly apologise to her daughter. Her sense of humour is decidedly offbeat and, in the cases of the VC winner and her daughter, with a streak of meanness.