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Thursday 23 February 2012

Miranda Kerr - The Sydney Magazine, March 2012

I really love the opening paragraph of the cover story on Miranda Kerr - and the modelling industry - in the March edition of The Sydney Magazine, out today (get your copy super quick! I nabbed the last one at my local news place, and they always sell fast).

The story, by Stephanie Wood, starts:

"So, when did it happen? When did the genetic anomaly in the microscopic Dion Lee white dress in front of me morph from woman to brand?"

The intro par goes on to question: was it when she joined the Victoria's Secret lingerie giant in 2006? Or in 2008 when she joined David Jones? Or when she met one Orlando and became 'Kerr-bloom'?

I often ask the same question when I see Miranda.

Because the very first time I saw her - at a Body Shop launch for their new makeup line at a Sydney Harbour-side venue in the year 2000 - I recall this beautiful young girl, with a pretty face but a rather boy-like body, propped on a stool, not saying a word as her makeup was applied.

When she became 'Miranda Kerr' I recall thinking... wow, how did that happen?

The story goes on to interview Miranda on her life and successes, and include profile pieces on other up and comers, including definitely already there model Alexandra Agoston-O'Connor.

The entire issue is a meaty fashion feast.

From interviews with fash-savvy fashion website innovators, and a very entertaining compile piece on the 'tribes' that exist in fashion (featured here: Boys 'N The Hood; Double Bay Ladies; and Surry Hills Hipsters) - it's an issue not to be missed.

Onsale today.

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