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Friday 24 August 2012

Ecco Shoes: 'World's Longest Catwalk' - and my model moment

So, I took part in the Ecco 'World's Longest Catwalk' this morning. Lots of fun. Awesome shoes - honestly the most comfy walking shoes, ever - and a glorious Sydney day. Was thrilled to be a part of a world-breaking event. We did it, folks.

Here is the pair of shoes I strutted/shuffled/strode in - the Ecco Spin shoe, in silver [ridic-comfortable, people]:

But a catwalk model, I ain't. I had no idea I'd be going down a catwalk in front of lots of people until that very morning. I thought it a caj-kinda stroll [with lotsa cameras, of course]. So when I was told to saunter down, well I thought... I will ham it up then! 

But then, oops...  need to keep walking, Josie! Don't go back up the catwalk, to then start your long catwalk. Mia Freedman - who MCed the huge event - and I had a chuckle about it later. Catwalk: 1. Josie: zilch.

And so, my catwalk debut...

This is what I felt like:

This is what I thought I looked like:

This is where I should keep the catwalking [the extended version of the wardrobe keep/dump from SATC 2 - also featuring Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha]:

Congrats on the world record Ecco! For more on Ecco, go here: http://www.ecco.com/en-AU