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Tuesday 7 August 2012

'The Newsroom': on SoHo, on Foxtel. Must-watch TV

Have you seen the trailer for 'The Newsroom', soon to screen on new Foxtel channel, SoHo?

I can only describe it as giving me a brain boner... it's got my cranium that excited. Watch:

Trailer number 2:

And trailer 3:

Drawn in yet?

Look: here's the entire first scene to well and truly whet your appetite [it gets REAL good at 4 min 20 sec]:

And for something completely different, the trailer for 'Something Wild' from 1986 [this screened on Foxtel recently and it was Jeff's superb acting that had me hooked - again]:

This clip - shows the first time I really fell for Jeff Daniels's acting, in 'Terms of Endearment':

Will you tune into 'The Newsroom'? It's the brainchild of Alan Sorkin, the man behind 'The West Wing', and the screenwriter of 'The Social Network'.

'The Newsroom' starts Monday August 20 on SoHo, on Foxtel, at 8.30pm, and every Monday at same time.


  1. It's on - tonight! SO dying to see it!!

  2. OB-SESSED. Must-watch. That's all.