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Saturday 18 August 2012

Myer Spring Summer 12/13: Beauty and Hair Report

The backstage buzz of a fashion show is where it's at if you're a true beauty aficionado.

Add the calibre of hair maestro Kevin Murphy [he's of course the man behind the supreme haircare brand 'Kevin.Murphy'] and the renowned makeup mastery from Natasha Severino for the Yves Saint Laurent makeup brand [Touche Éclat, et al] and you have yourself an inspired, trend-driven, fantastical beauty story accompanying an equally inspired, whimsical, but very-much wearable Myer fashion show.

Watching the artistes transform the blank canvases - the plethora of models are sporting flawless matte, but bronze-y faces - into two gorgeous looks was mesmerising. One: the bronzed-up, sun-kissed look [cheeks highlighted in bronze and gold hues, with nude-ish lips and showstopper lashes].

The other look was more a luxe beauty story: luminous skin and subtle highlighted cheeks, with the star of that face the pop-of-colour YSL orange lipstick called Yves Saint Laurent Rouge in Le Orange. So obv a name - but the result is far from expected. This lip colour is incredible - we're talking face-transformation stuff.

And so: the hair.

Kevin Murphy himself led his incredibly focused and passionate team. I loved watching the last model get prepped by one of the senior Kevin Murphy team, by seeing him take to a needle and thread to 'sew down' a hair piece that needed to look streamlined and integrated into the model's own hair.

The star product was the Kevin.Murphy 'Color Bug', a coloured hair powder intense on pigment, but low on commitment [it washes out], with hues of deep burnt sand and vibrant oranges the colours of choice for all the female models at the parade - in line with entire Myer 'tribal' theme - with hair ends all ombre, dip-dyed, then scraped into a long, low pony [and sometimes teased at the crown, as sported by Jennifer Hawkins].

[All photos above: Josie's Juice].

[All photos below: Lucas Dawson]

Above, beautifully bronzed bodies - yes, including Kris Smith. [You're welcome].

For more, see:  http://www.ysl.com/en_US and http://www.kevinmurphy.com.au/ and of course http://www.myer.com.au/

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