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Monday 13 August 2012

NuYu - the kick start my body needed. Here's how to get yours

I had the best mini break recently... it was actually the first time I'd been away from my kids, and it was just what my mind, body, and spirit needed.

You see, I'd been invited to the NuYu media preview weekend... like a little taster on what the whole week [or two, or three, or four - whatever you choose] with this transformational crew would be like.

Have a chuckle at the look on my face, as beauty editor Melinda Ayre administers the 'roll' on my body [surprisingly effective and utterly wonderful] - I was so very relaxed. As was the entire Thursday night and Friday day we spent with NuYu, at the Sebel Hawkesbury [located near the RAAF base in the Windsor region].

We all arrived at the Sebel on Thursday night and after a meet and greet proceeded to the dining room to devour the taster menu of the many dishes that would be served up during your NuYu programme. We are talking flavoursome, wildly healthy, utterly delicious morsels.

After a restful sleep [I was sleeping. In a hotel bed. With a TV on. In a hotel bed. Hey, it was the first time in nine years I had a TV in the same room I slept - this was a highlight!] it was up early and meeting with the assembled writers and Nu Yu crew [not forgetting the most excellent Polkadot PR women who staged this whole fab shebang, with meticulous detail] and off we went for a brisk, on-the-cold-side walk. These are some companions along the way:

Here are some more pics from the weekend, including an outdoor cooking class! And then we made our healthy lunch and enjoyed it at tables set up just for us, outdoors:

That's the morning tea, above. I could ramble on about how wonderful the whole experience was - and it was - but I think a Q & A with the co-founder Shaun of NuYu will give an even better overview. Read on after that for news on a 'taster' event coming up very soon...

What was the catalyst for starting NuYu? 

Gavin and I had been friends for some time, we were both somewhat unhappy in our previous jobs (careers) and couldn't shake the feeling that there was something more to life. We attended a range of personal growth programs and one in particular had a big impact on us both, it was with Anthony Robbins at Unleash the Power Within (UPW), up until UPW we had been discussing a range of crazy business ideas for a couple of years from farming limes and yabby's through to building  investments, you name it we thought of it… Ultimately we wanted to get into something that would allow us to improve our health and overall quality of life whilst helping others achieve the same so there was a natural push over time to look at the health and fitness industry. In saying this we didn't want to simply be another gym or PT studio, we wanted to have a greater impact on people and it was around this time that Biggest Loser U.S. started, it was this that really got us thinking about a focused, full-time program. 

How has it evolved over the years?

It started out as a day clinic in South Western Sydney targeting the local Sydney demographic, we had our own private gym studio however very soon after opening we were receiving heavy enquiries from interstate people and had to utilise a local motel to accommodate them. This wasn't ideal for us so we rented a private home and soon out grew this, then moved into a 9 bedroom mansion on acreage which we also outgrew within the next 12 months. Through this process we were forced to operate the 'hotel' (accommodation and all meals) side of the business which was not our focus or passion, we therefore started trialling programs out of a suitable hotel environment where experienced professionals could provide excellent services in this regard and we could focus on running our program, the complete health and lifestyle package. Our focus has always been to provide the most practical and sustainable approach to weight loss, health and overall fitness that allows people to achieve their long term health goals (ie get off the yo-yo diet train). We are proud that our current two sites offer guests exactly that in the most comprehensive weight loss and lifestyle change program there is in Australia. The amazing retreat locations provide the perfect framework to support guests through our programs in comfort,  offering an ideal balance between healthy holiday and a retreat from their normal stressed filled environments. The current business model has proven to be very successful in terms of customer feedback and results and we believe it's because of the 'real life and everyday' aspects of the program (and model) that achieve this.

What do you most hope people get from a NuYu program? 

Most people are looking for a kick start and to change some of their unwanted habits. Everyone knows what they should be doing but struggle to actually do it day to day, they see our program as the perfect platform to break the current cycle and be supported through that change process. Also most guests are looking for some time out for themselves, weight loss, fitness gains and to generally feel better about themselves too.  

What do regulars wish to achieve when they come back? 

On going motivation and consistency in results long term. NuYu provides an opportunity for people to become a part of something new, a community of supportive, like minded people who are all aiming to achieve the same thing, ultimately everyone that comes in contact with NuYu is invited to join our big happy family! For some guests it's now their annual break to refocus on what is important for them and get set for the year ahead, for others its a way of eliminating any remaining unwanted habits or breaking through a plateau period that they wish to work through.

A taste of the program proved it was far more than just weight loss. 

What are the reasons participants give for wanting to take part? Initially it's weight loss, changing some habits and gaining fitness. Behind this though is really things like self esteem, confidence and ultimately happiness, people want to de-stress and feel better about themselves both now and into the future.

Where do you see NuYu going in the near future?

We are currently working with several universities in the rural health area and running programs for various groups that otherwise would not have access to something like this, we are looking to develop this further throughout 2013/14. We are also working on an on-line version of our program so that those who cannot attend a full-time program may be able to do it from their own homes at an affordable cost. Lastly our focus is to constantly improve what we do and offer day to so that we are assured of offering all our guests the best experience of their life.

NuYu is hosting a reboot program on September 8/9, 2012 -  which will be similar to what I experienced - and will feature some of the key features of the retreat. This costs $790 [that includes your gorgeous room at the Sebel].

They are also running a kickstart program, and they start at $1790 p/week for day stay and $2690 p/w for a private hotel room at Hawkesbury Valley.

For more on the kickstart program go here:


And for more on NuYu, go here: http://www.nuyutotalhealth.com.au/

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