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Friday 10 August 2012

'War on Pubic Hair' - why this doctor believes women should stop waxing

Just the other day I was discussing my Brazilians - or lack thereof - with my fabulous new intern.

No, I'm not a perverse weirdo - it was in context. Stay with me here.

I had given her some DIY body scrub products to her to trial and report back on, and offered up some women's hair waxing products for her to trial. She declined [she goes to a salon] and I recounted a story about how I have only had two bikini waxes in my life. [One was before my honeymoon. And one was while I was pregnant. A story for another time...]

Don't go all "ewww, gross" on me - I do keep hair down there trimmed. I just can't cope with someone waxing it. Too painful [says the woman who has given birth to twins. Yeah, that way].

And so, I was thrilled to read a piece on site 'xoJane' about how waxing should be stopped, and why.

It started with the writer's curiosity about this: why is there always wee on women's public toilet seats?

She writes:

OK, so something has been bothering me for a while, and I feel it’s time to get it off my chest.
It seems like over the past couple of years that there has been an ALARMING increase in urine on public toilet seats. Now, granted, I don’t expect it to be PRISTINE in there, and I know that girls are NASTY in the bathroom anyway (anyone who has lived in a dorm or had roommates knows exactly what I’m talking about), but it seems like urine isn’t just confined to the seat anymore. It’s on the floor, the back of the toilet, the walls.
It’s not the ZOO, it’s a BATHROOM.
So, it got me thinking: When did this excess pee situation begin? I thought back and then it occurred to me that it was right about the same time as the rise in popularity of Brazilian bikini waxes.
I hypothesized that Brazilians were to blame for Urinepalooza because I know when I get Brazilians, I have been known to lose my way. I don’t even mean from a squatting position. I could be completely seated and suddenly the normal direction goes from straight line to buckshot approach.
How -- and more important, why -- does this happen? Inquiring minds wanted to know, so I started asking questions.

The Huffington Post also picked up the story, and went further:
Kim Kardashian lasers with her boyfriend; Kate Winslet has waxed for years; and Jennifer Love Hewitt proudly vajazzles so she can shine "like a disco ball." But family physician Emily Gibson wants to do away with all of these practices in her call to end the "war on pubic hair."
Gibson says that pubic hair removal is increasing the risk of infection and sexually transmitted diseases among young people.
"It is a sadly misconceived war," Gibson writes on KevinMD.com, social media's so-called "leading physician voice." "Long ago surgeons figured out that shaving a body part prior to surgery actually increased rather than decreased surgical site infections. No matter what expensive and complex weapons are used—razor blades, electric shavers, tweezers, waxing, depilatories, electrolysis—hair, like crab grass, always grows back and eventually wins. In the mean time, the skin suffers the effects of the scorched battlefield."
Gibson goes on to say that removing the hair irritates and inflames the hair follicle, resulting in open wounds, boils or abscesses. "Some clinicians are finding that freshly shaved pubic areas and genitals are also more vulnerable to herpes infections due to the microscopic wounds being exposed to virus carried by mouth or genitals," she added.
Gibson notes the public needs to realize that pubic hair serves a purpose and should "stay right where it belongs," but try telling that to the hairless masses.

Read more here:

What do you think? Do you agree that this pre-occupation with pubic hair waxing should be done away with once and for all? I'm not talking 1970s au naturel bush - but a trimmed, non-waxed situation instead?

What are your experiences? Men, what do you think?

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