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Wednesday 29 August 2012

'Kath & Kimderella' - film review

The Sydney premiere of 'Kath & Kimderella' at Fox Studios last night was quite the spectacle. Pink stretch Hummer, Kath in a white jumpsuit and tizzed up, Kim in garish sequin number she wears in the flick, Alex Perry [you'll have to see the film to get the connection], Sharon in her netball skirt with a touch of trackie bling, and that great hunk 'o' spunk Kel Knight. Poor ol' Bretty was missing, sadly. [Maybe in the dog-house with Kim?]

See red carpet pics here: http://www.josiesjuice.blogspot.com.au/2012/08/kath-kimderella-red-carpet-sydney.html

So, how was the movie? [Stills from flick below]:

Fans will go see it, toot sweet. And they'll get all the jokes - admittedly all the old favourites are reeled out in the space in 20 minutes, also used to set up the movie for those who need a refresher, or who not familiar with the mad-cap characters [where have you been?]. And the jokes keep coming, time and again. It's unashamedly naff, it's dags-ville, and it's a good movie to enjoy with buddies who love a glass of Cardonnay, you chunts.

Does the TV series - I am a uuuuuge fan - translate to the big screen? Well, yes and no. It's like watching a long, elaborate episode of the show, admittedly with a far bigger budget and far more breathtaking cinematography. Those sweeping views of 'Papilloma' ["thanks Terry Pattinson Chemist" - that's how Kath wins the chance to visit the fictional city] are gorgeous, and the cobble streets and peasants add a certain authentic... something to the whole production. Will newcomers to the whole Kath & Kim shebang get the joke? Probably not. But for fans of the cast - borne eons ago from the TV series 'Big Girl's Blouse' - it's one big laugh-fest.

Highlights include a cameo by Alex Perry, and a cheeky one at the end by Australian musician Paul Mac, and a spectacular one by the soon-to-retire Dame Edna Everage.

And Rob Sitch - it's like he was born to be a smarmy, sleazy, quasi-Royal... and that hair! Richard E. Grant does a spectacular eye roll, Bob Downe is in danger of stealing the show, Glenn Butcher equally so.

The 'Magda/Sharon-is-gay' jokes were far from subtle: Sharon Strzelecki reading books by Penny Wong, Rosie O'Donnell, et al; coming out of the 'closet'; not 'getting' the advances from other women until finally succumbing; stumbling across a gay emblem t-shirt [see still below] and asking Kath whether she liked the print. It's fun, and the good-natured gay jibes keep coming.

Epponnee Rae is also there - in all her 'Toddlers & Tiaras' glory - and Prue and Trude are hysterical with their one liners. I wished there were more [they're on a buying trip to Papilloma, you see]. I laughed lots with a short but sharp scene where they get a one on one cooking class with someone they say looks like a little like Tony Soprano... or perhaps Berlusconi. Making their cooking class a possible 'bunga-bunga' party.

All in all, I would see the flick again, and I will buy the DVD, and I will watch it on Foxtel, with every repeat. But then, I own some of the paraphernalia featured below, and I DID have the TV series - the wedding episode - on loop the morning I was getting my makeup done for my wedding day.

Go see it for some good Aussie laughs.

'Kath & Kimderella' the 'filum' opens in Australia on September 6.

The dashing 'Prince' Kim is set to marry...

[Yes, I own this apron...]


  1. Thanks, Josie... am SO seeing it. As mad-cap as I expected...

  2. This opens TODAY... noice! Going tonight with my buddies...