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Tuesday 8 January 2013

Clearly Contacts - the easiest way to buy glasses online

Never have I been so happy about having bad eyesight... as I do now.

Glasses are truly enjoying their moment in the sun. You'll notice that - thanks to geek chic, and an evolution in specs style - there are a gazillion styles you can choose from.

For me, gone are the days when I chose an on-trend pair of glasses and wore them to death until I deemed them 'out', and went about choosing a new pair. My beautiful gold-rimmed Dior pair got an excellent run, and I am now saving them for a rainy day [or whenever they become 'retro'].

Now, I like to change up my style in line with my mood and what I am wearing [silver aviators with my white outfit? Or khaki wayfarers with my camo get-up?].

And funnily, I can't tell you how many times I have been asked: "do you actually need glasses?" Like I might be making a faux-myopia fashion statement.

Ah, yup. My prescription deems glasses a necessity - to see properly even 30 centimetre in front of me.

And so, Clearly Contacts - wow, it's like a haven for the specs-obsessed. It's an online portal where hundreds of glasses [and contacts, clearly] are sold, and it's super easy to navigate.

I was offered the opp to go nuts and choose a new style - heaven.

I went through the choosing process online, over several weeks, just to really be sure about my new next fave pair, but as is often the case... you always go back to your first choice.

I even documented which specs were top of my list on my Pinterest page:

And so, this is the pair I chose - the Derek Cardigan 7004 Birch.

The process is easy-as. No, really easy.

Choose some frames. Inspect them close up from all angles... see below for my Dereks:

Pop them on the 'model' photos, similar to this...

Or, upload your own pic and pop the frames on, virtually. That part is really fun.

I gave the helpline a call and got a lovely woman offshore. Now... how can I say this? Sometimes, I find the whole 'lost in translation' thing rather unhelpful. In this instance though... the Clearly Contacts support staff were sensational.

The lady talked me through the style I had chosen, and even asked me about the pair I was wearing now. I told her the style number of my D & G specs and she proceeded to calculate that the new pair I was keen on would look much larger on my face and across the bridge of my nose than my current pair. She gave me the choice to proceed with the order or choose another pair. I was adamant that Derek Cardigan pair was the only one for me, so away we went.

She assisted me with my extras - namely, my essential higher index lenses [I am telling you, my eyesight is so bad], while ensuring the thicker lens would suit my frame. 

And for the first time, I turned my prescription glasses into prescription sunglasses. Boy, was I excited! I can never wear any of my fabulous sunnies... it's always my frames and squinting madly while driving, or popping in the contacts and donning the sunnies. Never both. So I ordered the clip-on sunglasses lenses. So I could see, not squint, and look darn hot.

The best part? The order reached my door in under 5 days. Now this was super-fast optical gratification.

Anytime seems to be a good time to buy from Clearly Contacts - they always seem to have a fab sale - but this one post-Christmas does look pretty awesome. Check it out below, and right here.

For first-time Clearly Contacts customers, you can order one frame and standard lens, and get it... free! If you do need higher index lenses and the like, you will need to add to the total [as well as a delivery fee]. But stylish brand name frames plus lens for free? That's generous.

PS: they also sell sunglasses, and OH.EM.GEE: prescription swimming goggles!? Where have I been?! This will be my next Clearly Contacts purchase...

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