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Saturday 26 January 2013

'They're A Weird Mob' - An Australian Classic: A Tribute To The Best Country On Earth

Australia Day to me means remembering how incredible this country has been to my parents (RIP my father, who came out here in the 1960s to work as a kitchen hand at the Rex Hotel in Kings Cross in Sydney and flatted with several blokes in a terrace in the Cross), and for in turn giving us an exceptional future in the luckiest country of all.

It also means enjoying one of my fave movies of all time 'They're A Weird Mob', which means: Graham Kennedy, Les Girls, "your bloody shout", Kings Cross, pouring concrete while wearing a blue Bonds singlet in hot Aussie sun, cold beer, midi or schooner, the unchanged Marble Bar, Ed Devereaux, John Meillon, rolling your own, those delicate Aussie macaron things, Kay and Nino, that Olivetti typewriter [we still have it!], and archival footage I just can't get enough of, and much more.

Here is the trailer, plus some additional clips [and: BONUS! I found the whole movie on YouTube! Scroll down]. They always play this vintage flick on Fox Classic on Aussie pay-TV on Australia Day... check your guides! (Or... watch the whole movie in parts one and two of these clips below, after the trailer clip here):

Other classic scenes I have pulled out for you to enjoy:

I love that under this clip on YouTube is this insider comment:

A great funny movie that has not aged with time. The St George cab driver was Mr Robert (Bob) Smith of Punchbowl. One nite he picked up a fare who happen to be Michael Powell Director. The cabbie suggested he should use a real Australian taxi driver in the movie. Bob receives a call on the taxi two way well the rest is history. The car used is a Australian Valiant AP5, they were usually not taxi's in 1966, Holden were king.

And, fantastic footage from the world premiere the movie, at the State Theatre in Sydney:

"Your bloody shout!"

Appeared originally in Australian Women’s Weekly 29 June 1966. Sourced the digitised article from the Australian newspapers digitisation project athttp://trove.nla.gov.au/

What's your fave Aussie classic film, and what does Australia Day mean to you?

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