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Friday 4 January 2013

New Year Resolutions - How To Succeed

Sean Fredson is a life coach and knows plenty about new year resolutions.

Interviewed for Josie's Juice blog, he gives insight into how to make and keep your new goals for 2013.

What do you think of new year's resolutions?

New year resolutions don't work. I have two questions for you: 

1) How many people do you know that have had tremendous success with new year resolutions? 2) How many people do you know that have made a new year resolution and lost all motivation for that resolution by the March 1? I think I just proved my point...

Why do new year's resolutions seem to set you up to fail?

Lose weight, quit smoking and stop drinking alcohol are three common new year resolutions. The main problem with all three of these resolutions is that the first word of each resolution is negative ["lose", "quit", "stop"]. If you have a negative focus you are more likely to get a negative result. Would you be excited if I told you that your 2013 is going to be filled with "losing", "quitting" and "stopping"? I'm sure you would prefer a 2013 dominated by "winning", "gaining", and "starting."

Another problem with new year resolutions is that they are not inspiring. Are you going to jump out of bed at 5.30am on March 1 and enthusiastically rush to the gym because a couple of months earlier you said you are going to lose weight in 2013?

What would you recommend is the best approach to setting goals for the new year?

As a qualified life coach I help people set inspiring goals rather than pointless negative resolutions. 

An effective goal has to be:
- positive
- focused on what you want rather than what you don't want
- challenging
- achievable
- measureable 

I also suggest setting goals to be achieved in a 12 week time period in order to keep the goal within reach and maintain day to day motivation.

"In 12 weeks I will be toned in a size 12”, is better than "my new year resolution is to lose weight".

And what is the best way to get back on track if someone finds they falter a little?

When dealing with setbacks and obstacles the key is to focus on solutions and focus on what you want. A great question to ask yourself when faced with difficulty is: “how do I overcome this”?

Another great way to keep you on track is to get a life coach! Make it a great 2013.

To contact Sean Fredson, Life Coach for Performance Enhancement Coaching, call him on 0401 861 503 or email him on seanfredson@gmail.com

I am loving Sean's mantra: “When life says stop, I say GO!”

So, what motivates you this year? Do you have a resolution for 2013?

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