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Thursday 17 January 2013

Kids starting kindergarten - a survival guide before the big day

Okay, now I understand what parents go through during the school holidays.

Those weeks and weeks of entertaining, cleaning up messes, feeding... and more entertaining. Gah!

For the first time in years, I have no childcare available during this transition period between the last day of childcare late last year and the first day of kindergarten for my now five year old twins, so they are home with me everyday. Twenty-four hours a day. Unless I escape to the grocery store (or an afternoon tea with Kevin Rudd. More on that in another post!). Or unless I take the chaos elsewhere (a park, a kiddie playland, a play-date with a fellow mum friend, etc).

Okay, so sometimes it's not chaotic at all, and totally manageable, and actually quite awesome hanging with my little people. Just this morning we made pancake people (faces on pancakes made from grated fruit and chocolate drops), and we snuggled in bed, and had a play outside.

But throughout the day the house is trashed (in varying degrees... it's just that these days my tolerance for mess is low), feeding demands are constantly made ("Mummy, I want raisin toast! Mummy, I'd like some chicken", etc, etc), and requests to be kept entertained are expressed.

Again, sometimes these days are okay... but other days... Oh! Please help me!

I have been adamant that every single day I don't need to come up with something exceptionally exciting for them to do. I know this will be harder as they get older but I always want them to understand that sometimes it's okay to simply be, just hang out, just relax at home and read and enjoy what we have here, and all the simple pleasures.

The thoughts I have in my head (I'd like to escape on a long holiday, alone... with my laptop so I can keep writing) are tempered by the fact I know that life will change forever in a few weeks.

My kids start school and I am equal parts excited, anxious, nervous, happy, melancholic, joyful... and a gazillion other emotions.

It's the start of a whole era. And I know I will miss them. But then I read this...

How do you feel about your kids starting school again? Or are they starting kindergarten this year? Share your comments and thoughts below.

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