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Monday 14 January 2013

When a baby is screaming, every conversation is a fight - Ask Your Dad blog

Gosh, I love this blog called 'Ask Your Dad'.

I came across this comic and laughed so much... you know, the ol' adage "it's funny because it's true"?

Well this is so true it hurts.

Read and relate, my friends:

If you have kids you can see yourself in this, right?

Oh, it's sooo easy and oh so lovely to have those wonderful conversations about what to eat that evening when you're married or living together and loved up.

Shall I whip up Jamie Oliver's latest for us? Or, hey honey, do you like thyme on your organic chicken, atop a bed of spiced-cous-cous-something-or-other? Sure, why not. And let's share a bottle of chilled wine while we're at it.

But when you're a parent - OH! Cooking is an even bigger chore than usual, and yes, as the comic shows, EVERYTHING IS SHOUTED AND IT ALWAYS TURNS INTO A FIGHT.

Friends have asked me in the past: "Why do you cook so much? Why are the quantities you produce enough to feed 20?"

Well, I think that whole ethnic feed-a-football-team mentality is ingrained in my head and that's how I have always cooked, but it was heightened by about 10 when I had my twins. Each night, it made my heart sing knowing I didn't have to cook [takeaway? A rarity here] and when hubby would call out "yes, we still have leftovers in the fridge", it was a daily highlight.

Now that the twins are older, well... it's far easier. Heck, I start cooking at around 3pm most days, sometimes at 10am to get it out of the way. And still: I cook for 20. Tonight's dinner. Tomorrow's lunch for hubby. Dinner again tomorrow night. Done.

Can you relate to the shouty side of parenting?

And don't forget to 'like' the 'Ask Your Dad' Facebook page right here if you want to hear about a man's perspective of the whole daddy caper, with a funny twist.

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