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Wednesday 16 January 2013

Two Girls and a Puppy - Facebook 'like' campaign

This has to be the cutest viral campaign, to get a puppy... ever.


"We're two sisters who want a puppy! 

For those that are curious if we make it our new puppy will be a rescue either from a local shelter or a local rescue organization."

And then they posted this photo:

And guess what? They reached - at last count - 1,676,900 'likes' for the photo, with 120,000 'likes' on the Facebook page.

And then, the parents of the kids wrote this status update:

"Our profile picture just hit 1,000,000. Mom and Dad are officially stunned. Will have five ecstatic kids in the morning."

How awesome is that...?


The family's page is up to 240,000 'likes', with more than 1.5 million 'likes' for their photo, above [as at 17 January, 2013].

And then, they posted this:

"Oh my goodness. We were on Good Morning America! This is absolutely crazy..."

And then:

"Mom here - We are researching various rescue groups in our area. We are definitely rescuing not buying. We don't want to make the wrong decision so give us a little bit of time. 

We think we are going to look for a black lab or golden retriever mix. 

We promise we'll post pictures and let you all know the rescue organization that we'll be working with."

And later:

"Everyone: we will be on Good Morning America tomorrow at 7:15. We cannot believe this is happening!"

God bless social media - when it's used for good!

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