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Tuesday 22 January 2013

Ellen Opera House Tweets

The Ellen/Australia campaign has begun!

Here is what Ellen Tweeted several hours ago:

Tomorrow's a big day, Australia. If you're near the Sydney opera house, you may wanna pack a bag and get your passport ready. Seriously.

And then:

Looking forward to seeing  with all of my Sydney fans at the Sydney Opera house tomorrow. Big surprises await!

Before I go down under, someone in Sydney's gonna have a chance to come up over. I hope you're free tomorrow at 9:30am.

. won a pair of my sunglasses. You won't believe what I'm giving away at Sydney Opera House at 9:30am today.

It's 8am Tuesday in Sydney! That means you have an hour & a half to get to Sydney Opera House & to explain how you traveled through time.

Would you head there?

For more on Ellen's trip, click here.


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