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Saturday 23 November 2013

'Nymphomaniac' - Official Trailer - Uncensored

This very 'not safe for work' (NSFW) movie trailer was what I woke up to this morning... it sent me upright and got me alert just like that.

Showing a blink and you'll miss it vagina close-up in the first few seconds, the director of this controversial, highly anticipated, full-on psycho-sexual thriller 'Nymphomaniac' Lars Von Trier is of course renowned for pushing the boundaries (his Bjork-starring film 'Dancer In The Dark' is one of my all-time fave twisted Von Trier offerings).

Watch the 'Nymphomaniac' trailer before it gets pulled down from YouTube:

The trailer complements the movie posters released last month, featuring the stars in various states of orgasm:

Set to release on December 25 in Von Trier's native Denmark, according to this site, the film will be released in Australia in 2013, also. Stay tuned.

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