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Tuesday 26 November 2013

Seth Rogen & James Franco: 'Bound 3' - 'Bound 2' Kim and Kanye Parody

Straight from Seth Rogen's Facebook page comes this... A tribute to Kanye and Kim's stellar video Bound 2, starring James Franco as Kanye, and Seth as... yup.

Hashtag: 'Bound3'.

Watch this hot mess:

To watch the original 'Kimye' 'Bound2', click here.


Kim Kardashian has just responded to the Seth Rogen/James Franco parody video with these four words:

"Nailed it! Sooo funny!"

Kim clearly loved the send-up, as she retweeted Seth Rogen's original tweet, showing the video with her above message of support.

Then… she and Seth had a bonding moment over the difficulties of straddling a partner in a motorcycle. "Thanks!" Seth wrote to Kim. "Some of those positions were really uncomfortable. That s--t is harder than it looks."

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