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Thursday 7 November 2013

'She's A Homewrecker': Infidelity-Exposing Website

If she's wrecked your happy home (c'mon, we all know it's not always that happy) and shit all over your marriage, there is only one thing to do.

Expose her name, tell the whole grubby story, and more importantly... reveal her face on a website.

That website now exists... and it's called 'She's A Homewrecker'.

Mirroring the site aimed at philandering men lauched years ago called 'Don't Date Him Girl', this one goes hard.

Example, about Alyssa:

"My husband and I have been married for fifteen years and have three beautiful daughters. We’ve had our ups and downs like any couple. Well a year ago things changed. He met Alyssa at work and became “friends”. He used to call me, text me every day just to say hi or I love you. Things slowly started to change. He was always in his phone, taking it everywhere. He would sit in his truck on the phone. I started to be suspicious and started taking mental notes. Well one day my husband was passed out drunk so I decided to look through his phone. There was a text from a male co-worker containing five different naked pictures if this skank. I woke him up and confronted him. Of course he lied, told me I was crazy. These were just dirty pictures his friend sent etc.
Well before I woke him, I sent myself via email all the evidence I found, you know just in case. Six months went by and I was seeing more and more weird behavior out of my husband. Well I kept Google-ing the phone number – to no avail. So I decided it was time to pay for the info and that’s what I did. I got the name associated with the number. Come to find out this skank and my husband has been having an “emotional affair for the last year. All the pieces of the puzzle fell into place when one of my daughters told me she met daddy’s work friend Alyssa at the store. Everything just kind of shattered. I pulled up a picture I had of the slut and asked my girl if this was Alyssa (I covered up the nudity) and of course it was. The bastard introduced our little girls to this slut. He denies they had sex, says they were both in unhappy marriages and one thing led to another; however “they never had sex”. I’m sorry but you don’t send pictures of your asshole to someone.
Anyway he’s begging me for another chance. Promising me the moon and stars, I just don’t know what to do. He’s the only man I’ve ever been with; we have three young daughters and fifteen years of hard work. He doesn’t deserve me or my trust. I’m utterly shattered and destroyed. I was recently hospitalized and this bitch had the nerve to text and check on me. He says it’s over…but we are now a cliché, a statistic and well these stories don’t usually end so quickly we shall see how this story ends.  :( "
For the photos (eww) click here.

The site's 'about' page says this:
They say if you can’t beat them join them, but we say if you can’t beat them, EXPOSE them! Shesahomewrecker.com is exposing everyone from the Hollywood Homewrecker to the average white picket fence destroying women who just can’t seem to let go of your husbands and boyfriends! Do you have a story to share or a HOMEWRECKER to expose? If so, click the Expose Homewrecker button via the website. Don’t forget to include photos! We LOVE to publish pictures of the Mistress who is driving you mad!
The content of all posts and comments on Shesahomewrecker.com represent the opinions of the original poster and are not endorsed, approved or representations of the opinions of Shesahomewrecker.com or its owners.  This site may contain adult language and adult concepts.  If you are offended by the content please do not visit Shesahomewrecker.com.   Shesahomewrecker.com is all about gossip and satire.  The content of the posts and comments published contain rumors, speculation, assumptions, factual information and opinions.  Some posts or comments may contain inaccurate or erroneous information.  Discerning the validity of information, whether found here or elsewhere, is the responsibility of the individual."
Would you list your cheating partner on this site?
To see the site, click this way.

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