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Thursday 14 November 2013

Tina Arena: 'Now I Can Dance' - Book Review

The memoir from one of Australia's most loved singers of all time has just been released: Tina Arena's book titled 'Now I Can Dance'. It reveals plenty about the much-loved singer, songwriter and global superstar.

Here is the gorgeous book cover:

The book beautifully captures the journey of the Aussie singing stalwart's extensive career, starting with her intro to the Australian TV viewer when she was an eight year old star of 'Young Talent Time' - so you can imagine the stories Tina has to tell. It's so beautifully written and easy to read, it's like Tina herself is sharing those stories with you over coffee.

She has sold eight million albums (and released her renowned songs 'Chains', 'Sorrento Moon' and 'Symphony of Life'), won a swag of awards, and experienced incredible professional and personal highs and lows.

Says Tina: “I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t write and sing. It makes me who I am, regardless of where I happen to be or what language I’m speaking. It has done since I wrote my first song and sang it to myself in the shower. It’s as natural for me as breathing. Filippina Arena sings to live and lives to sing...”

Almost four decades in music and Tina has been on one hell of a ride... and you kinda get the sense she's experiencing her best year yet right now.

Sharing her life in a book for the very first time the book is an uplifting read all about her loves, her family, her determination and her passion: music. Any good bio simply must have fantastic photos to go with it, to anchor it all - Tina's does. Oh how I adore looking at all her old - and new - pics. Again, feels like you're right there. Highly recommended for old fans and new. Go buy it.

'Now I Can Dance' is out now at all book stores and department stores.

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